The Second Law of Thermodynamics forces all orders (system or not) to de-generate constantly and perpetually. In order to maintain its order, a system must sacrifice the others. There is no exception. For example, a life can maintain its own system (order) only if it destroys the others (killing other lives). Any perfect system (lung, heart, kidney, etc.) is de-generating constantly. That is, a way of compensation for the de-generation is needed for any system if it wants to maintain its order. Again, no system is able to compensate itself according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. A network of compensating each other is the only way. It works in the following ways:

   1. De-generation creates waste.
   2. Waste increases degeneration.
   3. A system of waste management must be constructed to handle the waste.
   4. The additional system will increase the total de-generation.
      Note: So far, these form a vicious circle. The nature way is to spiral down to bad, worse, then the worst.
   5. In order to slow down this downward spiral, "new" cells must be injected into the network, and this requires cell replication. Every cell replication ages cell a bit. This forms the second vicious circle.

Is there any way at all to counter these two vicious circles? Before the successful cloning of Dolly, why there are sexes was never a question, although we did know that many low life forms do reproduce by cloning. Sexes were surly God's design for humans. This was a given even for the atheists who do not believe in the Bible story. Yet, some scientists did try to make an argument that sex reproduction method does have some advantages over cloning. Let's review its disadvantages first.

    * In cloning, every member of the species reproduces while only 50% of the sex species does so.
    * In cloning, there is no issue of mating while mating is not always 100% guaranteed for sex species.

Thus, the reproduction rate (or chance) for sex species is less than 50% compared to the cloning species. This is a very steep price to pay for any species.
Again, scientists, philosophers and theologians have argued over thousand years about what the life force is. We, again, do not intent to get involved in that argument. We just want to point out that reproduction is the life force, or the life force is reproduction. For a cell, it uses the method of replication to escape from danger and to perpetuate its life. That is, the replication is a way of life, a way to stay alive for a cell. Then, it is understandable that reproduction is a way of life and a way to stay alive for a species (not individual). Yet, an individual is a member of a species and cannot escape from the driving force of that species. Many males sacrifice their lives after mating, such as the male of Black Widow, of Praying Mantis. Salmon swims hundreds miles upward back to its birth place and dies right after it spawns. A spawned salmon cannot be eaten. It has a very bad taste. All its delicious nutrient (the essence) has gone.

Again, why is the life force of a life able to fight against these vicious circles for 10 years, 100 years or even 1000 years, yet must lose the battle at the end?

The life force of a species did not and will not lose the war. It engineered a way (the reproduction) to overpower the force of death, the Second Law of Thermodynamics. That is, a species sacrifices the individual in order to perpetuate its eternal survival, and it has succeeded.

While we human enjoy sex as a pleasure, sex is a death sentence for many species, especially, the male. Only by a true understanding of why there are sexes, we (as individuals of the human species) will be able to devise a way to minimize the effect of this great sacrificial plan.
Only very recently, we began to understand that sex reproduction has two major advantages over cloning.

   1. It can win the bio-war easier. For a cloning species, the entire species could be wiped out when its genetic code was decoded by an enemy (virus or bacteria). Yet, the sex reproduction alters the genetic coding a little bit for its offspring. So the decoding of one parent by a virus might not allow it to decode the offspring's code. The chance of survive for the species is, thus, increased significantly.
   2. Almost no one ever know that sex has another very, very, very important function. The evolution force forces every species to evolve to become better. This one-directional force pushes every species moving upward to the peak of its evolution path in the evolution landscape. That is, every species is now sitting on the summit of its own evolution hill and is stuck there. There is no chance for those kind of species to move to a higher evolution hill. The only way to move to a higher hill is to get off from the summit. And, only sex reproduction has a chance to produce an offspring which is genetically worse than its parent. That is, only sex reproduction can provide a counter force which can reverse the upward moving evolution force. So, a species can be un-stick itself from a local summit , go down to the valley and starts anew to climb a higher hill. Yet, the harem system of most of sex species (such as deer, big horn, etc.) again reduces this counter force to a minimum. The only way out is if the weaker can cheat, and this is not an easy thing to do if female has an on-heat season. Not only is the dominant male able to keep a good eye on his harem during that short season, but he is able to impregnate them all before the weaker has any chance. So, in order to fulfill the design intent (as a counter force of this one directional Darwinian evolution force), the on-heat season must be removed. The strategy of achieving this goal is to convince the members of a species that sex is enjoyable, is a pleasure. And this changed everything.
          * This species will never stick at a local summit and can climb the higher, higher, and the highest evolution hill.
          * When mating is readily available, sex is no longer the entire meaning of life for this species. It can begin to do something else, such as intellectual thinking.
      Human sexuality goes far beyond a simple sex reproduction. It truly becomes a genuine counter force to the Darwinian evolution force, biologically and then intellectually. No one ever describes human sexuality in these terms. So, I need to give it a name, the Sexevolution . This sexevolution (pertaining to human sexuality only) is a process to counter the traditional Darwinian evolution process.

Copyright © 2005 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

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