The human intelligence resides in (or is managed by) the Frontal Cortex, and this gives rise to the following questions.

   1. How does this frontal cortex come about? Why does human's frontal cortex take up more than 60% of space in the human brain while it is only an appendix for other animals?
   2. How does frontal cortex create (or manage) the intelligence?
   3. What is intelligence?
   4. There is a very thick and very strong firewall between the frontal cortex and the brain stem. How does this firewall come about? and why?
   5. Is there a way to create a pathway to bridge over (or to tunnel through) this firewall?

If we are able to build a bridge to go over this firewall, we will be able to manage the functions of our organs and able to diagnose and to cure our illness with our minds. This is the major issue of Tao of Meditation. Even if we are only partially successful on this, the anti-aging is in our grasp. Indeed, this is the case.

In this paper, I want to discuss only the first issue. How and why did our Species create the frontal cortex? Did our Species want a free roaming mind? Will our Species' survival be threatened without this free roaming mind? And, how did our Species implement a plan to manufacture this free roaming mind?

It is very obvious that our Species does not allow this free roaming mind meddling the functions of our internal organs. However, it is very helpful to the Species if It has an intelligent surveillant eye to watch out the dangers of the external world. As long as a very strong firewall can be build to prevent any coup attempt from this free roaming mind, the Species should not object of employing such a watching eye or a body guard. But, the remaining question is whether this free roaming mind is intentionally designed by the Species with one stroke or is allowed to come about with a slow evolution process.

For many believers of creationism, our free roaming mind is of course coming into being with only one stroke by the Creator. Well, I am not going to argue with them on this. From engineering standpoint, it is much easier to develop a system slowly, one step at a time, learning and correcting the mistakes along the way. So, I will present a workable strategy for developing such as system. Did nature really use my method? It is beside the point. As long as my design and strategy is workable, we can email this design to the Creator for His consideration for his next creation.

Today, there are a few theories talking about the issue of how and why this free roaming mind comes about.

   1. After human walked on two legs, the brain mass got away from the hot surface of the earth and is able to grow bigger. Then, the giraffe should be the smartest animal in the world. This theory is a joke.
   2. The intelligence arises from the bicameral design of the brain. But, our brain is not the only brain with a bicameral design. This theory confuses the effect to be the cause.

In fact, this issue must be divided into two questions.

   1. How does a pile of neurons (the frontal cortex) create or manage intelligence? Please read my paper, A design of human brain -- the Intelligence Machine.
   2. How and why does this pile of neurons arise? This will be the key issue of this paper.

There are four major differences between Darwin's evolution theory and my Sexevolution.

   1. Darwinian evolution force is an one-directional (forward moving) force. When a species moved to the summit of its evolution hill, it stuck there, and there was no way down. Sexevolution is a two-directional force. It can make a species to fall off from the summit to the valley, and it can begin to climb a higher new evolution hill.
   2. Darwinian force is an external force to a species. If the gene bank of a species has enough varieties for, at least, 30 % of its members to survive this Darwinian challenge, that species will and can survive this round of challenge. Otherwise, it will be wiped out. On the other hand, the Sexevolution has an internal sanction force to weed out its non-performing members. Please read the paper, Species Intelligence and its Internal Sanction.
   3. The Darwinian force might not be intentionally erasing any history, it has no intention to keep any history intentionally. The Sexevolution is keeping every bit of history during its evolution. This is the reason that 80% of our genes is not doing any job for our bodily functions today. They are the history, and they can come alive to repeat a history. Please read the paper on Gene Switches, Switching off Cancer Cells.
   4. Darwinian challenge comes along by chance, not from a design, nor from a Will. It is a Blind, and non-intelligent force. The Sexevolution acquires a big pile of jobless neurons, and it is able not only to adapt the environment but to change the environment. The Sexevolution is an intelligent force.

The key issue of this paper is to discuss a strategy of how to acquire a pile of jobless neurons by a species. This strategy demands that Species to have, at least, four abilities:

   1. Able to evolve forward.
   2. Able to evolve backward.
   3. Able to change direction of its evolution.
   4. Able to keep all history.

In short, this force must be much bigger in scope than the scope of Darwinian force. With these four abilities, to acquire a big pile of neurons is no longer a big job.

   1. To develop a new ability (such as a very good hearing) when a Darwinian situation demands. This is the forward ability. Of course, some neurons are needed to perform this new function. And, it is always easier to produce some new neurons than to train the old ones to do this new task.
   2. When an ability is no longer needed as the original design, it will be cut back. This is the backward move. The extra employees (neurons) will be layoff. The layoff neurons will give a retirement pension, an eternal free ride ticket, while they are not allowed of meddling any departmental affairs any more. This is keeping all history.
   3. As it is always easier to produce new neurons for a new task, the number of jobless retirees becomes bigger and bigger.
   4. If a species evolves forward, backward and with a new direction in a very fast pace, the number of jobless and retired neurons will reach a critical mass. At this point, a thinking machine begins. Please read my paper, A design of human brain -- A Intelligence Machine.

Regardless of whether our Species got the frontal cortex in the manner I described above or not, it is a workable strategy. If our Species used a different method, we can email It our design for Its consideration the next time around.

Anyway, the Darwinian evolution force is only a small part of the Sexevolution. Yet, there is an open question. Did our Species anticipate that this free roaming mind could rebel and challenge Its infinite wisdom? Or, any challenge from this free roaming mind was just part of Its plan? Regardless of the answer, the Sexevolution acquires a final meaning. The free roaming mind of the Species is now able to meddle Its grand design, at least, in two ways,

   1. The new knowledge of science in genetics and biology.
   2. The Tao of Life, the exercise, the meditation, the sex.

The benefits of this genetic knowledge are most likely enjoyed only by the privileged. On the other hand, the Tao of Life is available and affordable to everyone.

Copyright © 2005 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

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