Many beautiful movie stars and models stay young at their 60s or even 70s. Of course, they have money for an easy life. But, there is an un-told secret; they have a lot of sex at that age. Sex keeps a woman young.

There are two commonly known facts which are able to support the above statement.

   1. A woman has higher risk of getting breast cancer if she has never breast feed a baby in her lifetime.
   2. A woman has higher risk of getting uterus cancer if she has never been pregnant during her lifetime.

These two are very strong statistical and scientific evidences. Why so?

We all understand the terms of State and Nation. A Nation is a Being with a Will and of course with Intelligence. But most of time, we do not view the term of Species to have Intelligence. Our human intelligence belongs to the individual. The intelligence of the Nation is just the collective intelligence of its citizens. A great philosopher of 19th century, Arthur Schopenhauer, did recognize that the Species has a Will. He saw the Species Will to be only an Non-intelligent and a Blind force. Thus, there can only be two consequences:

   1. All human intelligent works are meaningless to this Blind Will. So, all these wonderful works (including the pleasures) have only a temporary existence and meaning.
   2. We do inherit this blind will, the will to live. Of course, we all must fail.

So, the philosophy of Schopenhauer is the most important canon of pessimism. But, optimism today views that the two points above are also correct although the optimism gets an optimistic conclusion. They both see that the Blind Will is the Darwinian evolution force. Darwinian evolution force is, indeed, a Blind Force which forces any Species to get better and better to avoid the consequence. This Darwinian evolution force is, indeed, Blind.

   1. The Nature Selection (as the external force) comes along by a Chance, not by an intelligent design nor by an intelligent will.
   2. The Survivor the Fittest is again by Chance. As long as 30% of the species survived, this species has won the battle. And, this is a number game, no intelligence involved.

Well, my theory (Sexevolution) sees this issue in an entirely different way. In Sexevolution, the Species Will is not Blind. Our intelligence is only a sub-set of the Species Intelligence. Only two years ago in 2003, we completed the human gene sequencing work, on paper. Yet, the human genes were well-designed and implemented into a functional body by the Species millions years ago.

At here, I will simply conclude that our Species Will is not Blind but is very, very Intelligent. From this stand-point, I will show the reason of "Why does a woman stay young when she has a lot of sex?"

Our Species Will has one and only one goal, the Immortality. In order to achieve its goal, it must implement two systems,

   1. Two well-designed human bodies (male and female), and a very attractive and pleasurable sex act for these two bodies.
   2. A very, very, very strong Supervision System, hidden deeply in the bio-computer of its immortality surrogates (male and female) to check out their performance. A disciplinary action will be taken if the performance is not up to par of the assignment.

The first system (the bodies) is of course under the dominion of the Darwinian evolution force which is external and blind. The second system is an internal sanction force which is designed to weed out the non-performers. And, this is the major difference between the Darwinian evolution theory and my Sexevolution.

There is an internal supervision system planted in our bio-computer by the Species to inspect our performance of fulfilling the Species' goal of immortality. If we failed the inspection, a sanction will be issued. A menopause system will be switched on and this lady is layoff from this immortality industry. Every effort will be made to reduce the chance of her consuming any more limited semen supplies. Her body chemistry will be set at out-of-balance. Consequentially, her organs will be also out of balance. Worst yet, a dormant cancer gene could be switched ON. In this sense, we did not get a cancer because of a bad luck, we got one by receiving The Sentence. A cancer gene could be turned on.

As the sex slave of the Species, a man was given the suicide notice at puberty. He was marching to the death bed with every ejaculation. Therefore, there is no point to issue another death sentence to a man by the Species. Every drop of man's semen is valuable and useful to the Species. A movie talked about a story. A lady nurse had a baby from her dying patient. He went to up-stairs with a peaceful smile on the face after he squirted out his last drop of semen. She got pregnant, and the movie began....

The two stone-set statistics above are now making sense. Those breast cancer and uterus cancer were switched ON. So, when a woman has a lot of sex, she can most likely to pass the inspection. The Species views her to be still performing the duty, and her body condition will be kept at the best condition for the circumstances.

In Sexevolution, on the one hand, the Species is a Being of Immortal with a strong Will and an unbounded Intelligence. On the other hand, the Species resides in each of us, and it still controls all of our bodily functions. It does have a sanction and a disciplinary program with its watching eyes.

When a lady has a lot of sex, it is the Species' desire to keep her health and the productivity to the best and the highest, and the Species has the ability to do so as It has done so for millions of years and for billions of ladies. A lady stays young when she has a lot of sex. A lady will age very fast if she lacks sex, and the Species will ensure of that.

Thus, a woman ages when her man becomes impotent.

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Copyright © 2005 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

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