Conclusion of Sexevolution
The Sexevolution discusses the following issues;

   1. Darwinian evolution force is an one-directional force. It pushes a species to climb a evolution hill until it finally stuck at a local summit.
          * Darwinian evolution force has the following characteristics:
               a. One directional -- it pushes a species to climb an evolution hill to reach a local summit, and it stuck there.
               b. Non-intelligent (blind) -- it comes along by chance, not from a design nor from a Will.
               c. External -- the nature selection is an external force. If the gene bank of a species has enough varieties for 30% of its members to survive this external force, this species will overcome the challenge. But, this kind of battle is only a number game, and no intelligence is involved. This reaction force is also non-intelligent (blind).
          * Darwinian evolution force is not the major force which threatens the survival of a species. Every life form ages and dies even without a Darwinian encounter. To perpetuate the life of a species is the major issue of any species. This is a will, a species Will. This will could be Intelligent. And, there are two ways to do it,
               i. Cloning
               ii. Sex reproduction
            Why sex? Is sex a simple alternative of cloning? Is sex a better way to fend off the Darwinian challenge? Is sex a new kind of evolution process?
          * Can Darwinian process produce intelligence? If it can, what is its mechanism? Is there a process at all which can produce the intelligence?

      Thus, no species is able to climb the highest evolution hill with a choice. If a species has an option to choose its evolution path, then the mechanism of that evolution must be significantly different from the Darwinian evolution process.

      In order to reach the summit of the highest evolution mountain, a species must have an evolution vehicle which has the followings:
         I. Forward gear -- climbing up the hill. As we already know that the Darwinian force can be the driving force for this forward gear.
         II. Reverse gear -- coming down from the summit of a local evolution hill. This is a force against the Darwinian force.
         III. A steering wheel -- selecting a higher evolution hill to climb. This might need some intelligence. Might be, this is intelligence. At any rate, this must be an internal choice, not simply fending off an external Darwinian challenge.

   2. Is intelligence a product of evolution? or a pre-designed product by a creator with a single stroke? If it is a product of evolution, then what kind of evolution mechanism can produce it?

      In Sexevolution, sex is not just a simple alternative for cloning, not just a better way to face off with the Darwinian challenge but a new kind of evolution process. And, it has the following characteristics:
         a. It can achieve the goal of immortality for a species.
         b. It can evolve even without any Darwinian encounter. That is, there is an internal evolution force. In fact, there is an internal sanction force to weed out the non-performing members. Please read the Chapter -- Why does a woman stay young when she has a lot of sex?
         c. It can evolve backwards, coming down from a local summit. Please read the Chapter -- Gene switches, Switching off cancer cells.
         d. It is a workable process to produce intelligence via evolution, more precisely, via the Sexevolution. Only after zillion times of forward and backward evolutions, a species can acquire enough jobless neurons. The Sexevolution creates intelligence in two steps:
                * Acquiring enough jobless neurons to reach a critical mass. How? Please read the Chapter four-- The rise of human intelligence.
                * Creating intelligence by this pile of jobless neurons. Please read the Chapter -- A design of human brain, The Intelligence Machine.
   3. In addition to the Darwinian evolution force, what kind of challenges many species must face? Are solutions of these challenges belonged to one species or shared by all? Can behavior of one species alter the entire evolution process? How to gain longevity from a full understanding of the above issues?

      Now, we know that our species engineered two systems to confront with the force of death, (of degeneration).
         a. To give up the old and to start new by convincing the individual of the species that sex is enjoyable and a true pleasure.
         b. To slow down the degeneration by engineering a very complicated waste management system. Every organ of our body is in the waste management.
      Thus, we must fight this aging process in two directions too.
         i. To help our organs (the waste management system) as much and as early as possible. Our organs grow to its peak strength at puberty, and they go down hill ever since.
         ii. To preserve, nurture and to harness our sex energy.
            To enjoy sex is our fate, planted in our genes by our species in its great conspiracy in order to gain the immortality for itself. Man ages by sex exhaustion. Woman ages by lacking of sex when her partner turned into a pimple. For many woman movie stars and models, they stay young in their 60s or even 70s as they have plenty of sex at that age. One sex a day for a woman can delay her menopause for, at least, 10 years. Yet, most of ladies waste this advantage on anti-aging because of her partner turned into an impotent bed pillow at age 50, and she ages with him together. We can never truly reverse the nature's design completely but is able to reduce its effect to a minimum. If we do not try to preserve and to nurture our sex energy, all other programs on anti-aging are just some sincere efforts.

   4. Why and how do cells differentiate during the morphogenesis with an identical cell replication process?

      Please review the Chapter five -- The internal forces of evolution (III), Genes and a Body (the Topological force); Gene switches, Switching off cancer cells.

                                                   Copyright © 2005 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong
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